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Upcoming Tests

Testing provides the opportunity to demonstrate proficiency in the requirements for their current belt rank while moving toward mastery over previous requirements.

The Junior TaeKwon-Do program is set up to have a testing on the last class of the month. These testings provide students an opportunity to demonstrate their readiness to move forward into new material and to expand their ability to perform in front of parents and friends. The testing will begin at 5:45 but students are encouraged to arrive at 5:15 if possible to take care of registration and to warm up. Students will be asked to line up at 5:30.

In the Adult TaeKwon-Do program only those students ready to test will participate in the testing. Students progress at their individual pace and skip one or more test dates before they are ready to test again. As students progress to the higher belt ranks they will need more time between tests.

Listed to the right are tentative dates for white (10th gup) through red stripe (3rd gup) tests. All students in the adult TaeKwon-Do program red belt (2nd gup) and higher must test at an official statewide testing usually held in January and July.

In the Adult TaeKwon-Do program, all tests will begin at 6:45 pm. Students should arrive at the test site no later than 6:00 to complete registration, review, and warm-up. Students will be called to line up by 6:30.

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